Sacred Dance

Sacred dance performances are uplifting, inspiring and mystical.
They touch the soul and provide a spiritual enhancement to special events such as
workshops, conferences, women's groups,  religious services, and weddings.


Zohar was magnificent. The magic and beauty of her performance was riveting and captivated everyone at the Birth 2012 Tucson event. Her persona has a brilliance that surpasses even her spectacular costuming.  

The intent of the Birth 2012 global movement was to birth a higher consciousness around the world, and the sacredness of Zohar's Ritual Dancing and music powerfully aligned us with this purpose.

Zohar is an entertainer of the Highest Order, living up to the meaning of Zohar: Light, Splendor, and Brilliance."

Reverend Angel, Executive Producer, Birth 2012 Tucson   

"Zohar's amazing 
artistry takes me to the depths of my breath, to the
highest states
of my consciousness
, to the sublime realms with
her mesmerizing performances. be missed!!"

Andrea M. White, Producer and Host, "The Great Awakening," WXCI 91.7 FM

To see Zohar dancing is to experience some divine force moving through you. Her mysteriously beautiful and elegant movements stir up something deep inside of us, something original and powerful, perhaps the very life giving creative force."

Chun Kim-Levin, Director, Life Spring Holistic Living

"Zohar has the gift of bringing Spirit into Matter. Our program called 'Mysticism and The Feminine Journey' featured a performance by Zohar. We were all deeply moved by the melding of spirituality, grace and sensuality in her dancing.

Truly this dance is a celebration of the Divine Feminine all women hold within their bodies and Zohar helped us connect with that awareness and delight in a new depth of knowing our own aliveness."

Rev. Ann Emerson, Director, Sanctuary of Sophia

"In a well performed dance, Zohar spun and manipulated gold and silver
capes resembling huge angel wings."

Anna Kisselgoff, Dance Critic, The New York Times

“Zohar brings Light and Life wherever she dances. She
dances with devas and angels.”

Alma Daniel, Co-Author of bestselling book Ask Your Angels

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