Belly Dancing Lessons


Zohar was first introduced to belly dancing while on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. "It was love at first sight," she said.  She told the staff aboard the ship she would be back as their belly dancer...and 9 months later she was hired to entertain aboard the ship. 

Her meteoric rise as a belly dancer took her to the stages at Lincoln Center, Caesar's Palace and Radio Music Hall. She danced for many celebrities including Meryl Streep, Lionel Ritchie, and members of the Saudi Royal Family. Zohar appeared in numerous  publications including the covers of magazines and was written up frequently in The New York Times. She made guest appearances on many TV shows and hosted her own cable TV show.

After 25 exciting years as a professional belly dancer, Zohar hung up her finger cymbals and now shares her love of the dance with her students. Zohar understands better than most the essentials of what it takes to be a beautiful and successful dancer. Her classes build on the expression of confidence, grace, passion, and fluidity. Beginners are patiently nurtured while more advanced students are given opportunities to challenge their skills and find their unique identity as a dancer. Many of Zohar's students have gone on to become professional dancers. Zohar offers the very best belly dance lessons and training you can get.



Ahwatukee Studio

$15 for a single class.
Classes sold in 6 week series for $90.
Please bring a sister, daughter or  friend
and get a 10% discount.

Hip belts available for sale $10 each. 

Classes can be taken for fun & fitness
to prepare for a career as a
professional dancer.

"The Best Classes In The Valley
By The Most Experienced Teacher."

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Wear something comfortable and fun
to workout in.

The first part of the class is devoted to
stretching with specific belly dancing
moves in mind.

The middle portion of the class is comprised of
practicing basic technique, new moves and

The conclusion of the class is devoted to
 dancing and  personal expression using the
movements learned during the class.

Private Classes Available
Ideal Entertainment for Showers and Birthdays!


"I think Middle Eastern dance is a beautiful mind, body, spirit "workout". I love belly dancing music. The movements are beautiful with a meditative quality. It's a workout that's fun, different, interesting, good for toning, sensual, and feminine!"

Linda, IBM Contract Manager

"I didn't want to do belly dancing at first. I had big self-esteem/confidence issues, especially regarding my post-childbirth body. But I love it and my self-confidence has grown greatly! I feel for the first time in 32 years that I can be graceful. It has had an effect on many aspects of my life. Not to mention that my husband loves it!!"
Dori, RN

"I came to the workshop with a lot of prejudice. I expected a sort of "party entertainment". My friends an I were pretty tense before the class, so I wasn't at all prepared to see in this dance such an expression of female dignity, grace and confidence. Now I want my 13 year old daughter to learn what we learned here. This has been a great experience. I thank you!!"

Monika, Student

"Middle Eastern dance has provided me with breathing and relaxation techniques that help me to refocus after a stressful workday. It gives me 60 minutes to concentrate on myself, to better my body, my spirit and my soul. It is a release of energy like no other form of dance or exercise I have ever experienced!"

Stacey, Software Manager

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