Red Tent Events

Belly Dance Instruction

Henna Artistry


Finger Cymbals for Dancing


Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate

This program is designed to provide women
with an oasis of fun and inspiration.

The art of belly dancing will give
participants a body/mind/spirit workout while
 enhancing their grace and sensuality.
This holistic "playshop" incorporates mesmerizing
Middle Eastern music with yogic warm-ups,
meditative flowing movements, vibrant hip
 shimmies and core exercises to empower
 your inner goddess.

This program includes a performance by a
 professional belly dancer with veils,
finger cymbals, and audience participation.

Choose any of the following add-ons:
Moroccan seating for lounging in the tent;
party favors such as coin hip belts, finger
cymbals and costume jewelry; entertainment
such as fortunetellers and henna artists;
health and beauty treatments such as
reflexology, aromatherapy, and chair massage;
and a Moroccan tea party with a variety of
pastries and desserts.

The Red Tent program is guaranteed to be a
stress-busting, playful, energizing, and bonding
 experience for all who attend.

Moroccan Decor

Moroccan Desserts & Tea

Chair Massage

Belly Dancing Coin Belts
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